Pariaman City Hall

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Located 45 km north of Padang, the city of Pariaman is located about 40 km from the epicenter of the Sept. 30 earthquake.   Constructed in 2007, the three-story city government building (Figure 1) experienced significant damage from the earthquake, necessitating all of the offices to be vacated and moved to temporary tents (Figure 2).  The exterior cladding, consisting of glass, infill brick partitions, and stucco/plaster finishes, suffered extensive damage (Figures 3-5).  Closer inspection from exposed portions of the structure revealed that the reinforced concrete (RC) moment frame to be largely intact and undamaged.  A walk-through of the building revealed extensive damage to interior partitions, which consisted of a combination of brick infill walls and gypsum board partitions.  Damage was most extensive at the 3rd floor, where major portions of the hung ceiling had collapsed.  The damage at the 3rd  floor was exacerbated by the lack of a rigid diaphragm at the roof level.  As shown in Figure 7, the roof consisted of a steel-framed gable roof that was supported atop RC columns that extended up from the 3rd floor.  While supported by perimeter beams at the roof, the RC columns were cantilevering in the out-of-plane direction, which combined with the flexibility of the steel roof, permitted racking of the roof diaphragm that triggered the extensive damage to the ceiling and 3rd floor partitions.    At the time of our visit, workers were on site removing files, furniture and salvageable doors and hardware.  This building provides an example where the earthquake deformation demands of the RC frame were within the damage threshold limits for the structure but greatly exceeded those of the non-structural architectural finishes.


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