ARUP Report Prepared for Oxfam Available Here

This report was prepared by ARUP staff for Oxfam and contains a valuable discussion on issues that will be faced in the rebuilding.

Oxfam GB Haiti Earthquake Response: An ARUP Assignment Report

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Photos from Rob Olshansky–societal impacts

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Photos from social science and recovery team (Etienne, Green, Miles, Olshansky):

Haiti Recon Social Impacts Flickr Photostream

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You can find the flickr photostream of the social impacts group — Harley Etienne, Rebekah Green, Scott Miles and Rob Olshansky — here.

PEER Preliminary Reconnaissance Report by Eduardo Fierro

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Preliminary Reconnaissance Report 12 January 2010 by Eduardo Fierro and Cynthia Perry of BFP Engineers, Inc.

Download report here (2.1 MB PDF)

USGS/EERI January Advance Team Report Now Available

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The USGS/EERI advance reconnaissance team that traveled to Haiti in late January has finished their report.  It is available for download here:  USGS_EERI_HAITI_V1.1 (9 MB PDF)

EERI activity in Jacmel region?

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Hello all,

I am part of a team from New Orleans who recently returned from Jacmel, Haiti (Louisiana-Haiti Sustainable Village Project).  Damage is not as extensive as PaP, though the area requires a thorough structural assessment.  A preliminary assessment has been completed by various groups including the Canadian military, which are assisting with Jacmel recovery. 

Does anyone know of plans to complete  an assessment of this region?  If so, please reply with contact information.

We are in a position to assist with the documentation of this assessment (specifically in mapping), as we are returning to the region regularly throughout the next 6 months and have established extensive contacts on the ground with local government, NGO’s operating in the region, and local decisionmakers/stakeholders. 

Please contact me through this discussion thread or directly regarding this topic. 

Thank you for your interest and expertise,

Ritchie Katko

Make It Right Foundation

Louisiana-Haiti Sustainable Village Project

New Orleans, Louisiana

Some Observations on Typical Housing Construction

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California structural engineer Craig Cole is currently (2/15/10) in Haiti, and has offered observations on typical housing construction, and the current housing situation.

Photos of typical housing construction can be viewed by clicking here: Typical Haiti House Construction.pdf

Observations on the housing situation can be viewed here: Haiti Housing Issues some observations.pdf

Preliminary MCEER-AIDG Team Report

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Download report here (PDF)

Observations from EERI member Mark Pierepiekarz, in Haiti immediately following earthquake

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View report here (PDF).

Extensive damage in the town of Leogane, filmed by team member Steve Baldridge

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The town of Leogane has suffered extensive damage. At least 90% of the buildings have severe damage with 75% of the buildings collapsed or unoccupiable.

View Quicktime movie

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