First full day in the field

March 2, 2010 by  
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The EERI social impacts team had three goals today — scoping surveys of commerce, scoping surveys of IDP camps, and making contact with the Haiti Episcopal Church — a central organization in Haiti’s social capital.

Our commerce surveying took place around the Iron Market in downtown Port-au-Prince, as well as around the Delmas distract. There was significant damage to this central market structure, some that killed many. But the market appeared repairable in part and we were surprised to see the company Digicel assisting with reconstruction efforts.

Our camp survey took place near the large tent city across from the presidential palace — a camp with much exposure on NPR and other media outlets. Obviously the stories we heard were varied and overwhelming, but informative regarding where people came from, where they work(ed), and who did or didn’t receive tents and other assistance.

Harley and Rebekah talking to Iron Market vendors. (Photo: Scott Miles)


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