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The Geo-Engineering Extreme Events Reconnaissance (GEER) preliminary report on the geotechnical effects of the 2010 Chile Earthquake is now available:

Preliminary Report on Geotechnical Effects of the 2010 Chile Earthquake

Message from Editors Jonathan Bray and David Frost:

The February 27, 2010 Maule, Chile earthquake (Mw = 8.8) is the fifth largest earthquake to occur since 1900. Its effects were felt along 600 km of the central Chile coast. The earthquake tested numerous modern structures and facilities. Many systems performed well, although some did not. Geotechnical responses in terms of liquefaction, lateral spreading, coastal uplift and subsidence, seismic performance of earth structures, and site effects were important. Tsunami effects and societal response and planning were affected by geotechnical aspects of this event.

The NSF-sponsored GEER team documented the primary geo-engineering aspects of this earthquake. Reconnaissance was performed remotely using satellite imagery, efficiently through aerial reconnaissance, and in detail through coordinated ground-based reconnaissance studies. All observations were geo-referenced. Some key sites were further characterized using advanced tools (i.e., LiDAR, SASW, and DCPT).

Many individuals participated in the GEER effort. This NSF-sponsored effort was led by Jonathan Bray and David Frost. Special recognition goes to our Chilean lead partners: Ramon Verdugo, Christian Ledezma, and Terry Eldridge, and to others who also contributed significantly to the effort, including: Pedro Arduino, Scott Ashford, Dominic Assimaki, Tara Hutchinson, Laurie Johnson, Keith Kelson, Robert Kayen, Gonzalo Montalva, Robb Moss, George Mylonakis, Scott Olson, Kyle Rollins, Nicholas Sitar, Jonathan Stewart, Alfredo Urzúa, Rob Witter, and Nick Zoa. We also wish to acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation and the CMMI Geotechnical Engineering Program Director, Dr. John Daniels.

We hope that you find this GEER report on the 2010 Chile Earthquake useful.


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