Instructions for EERI team

We would like you to contribute information to the Virtual Clearinghouse website in two ways–uploading 5 to 10 of your best photos to the interactive map, and writing a post or two that summarizes your observations, in a particular disciplinary area.


Use the interactive map to upload your 10 best photos. A photo can be placed onto the map in one of three ways:

(1) double-click the map in the general location and reposition by dragging/dropping the point and zooming in, then click “Add info for this point”;

(2) simply add the lat/long if you have them and click “Add point”; or

(3) enter in a street address then click “Go”

At the next screen, upload your picture using the “Choose File” button. After this, you will need to select a category for each photo, along with a title and detailed caption, prior to upload.


You’ll need to register on the clearinghouse website here in order to log in and contribute. Click on the “Groups” tab on the upper right hand side of any page and pick any category you want to contribute to: Structural, Nonstructural, Social and Economic Impacts, Earth Sciences and Seismology, and Geotechnical.

You will see something that looks like this:

(1) If you want to make an observation, insert your text in the box you see and click on “Post Update” when complete.  You may also paste paragraphs in here.

(2) If you want to upload a document such as pictures or a report, click on the Documents tab and follow the instructions.

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